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Cops Called On ‘Suspicious Women’ Who Illegally Entered A House…To Clean It

Lesson: Lock your doors unless you want a spotless home

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Because there’s nothing scarier than two women dressed to…clean, a neighborhood in Nova Scotia has been asked not to leave their doors unlocked.

The warning came earlier this week when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called on two women who were armed…with a mop and  vacuum cleaner. According to the RCMP:

RCMP were called by the home owner, who was not home at the time. They had been contacted by a concerned neighbour after the two women were observed in the home with a vacuum cleaner and a mop. The investigation has determined that the house was left unlocked in order for the neighbour to walk the owner’s dog, however, two women showed up, cleaned the house, and left without knowing they had the wrong address.

You read that correctly. The women, whose only crime was accidentally leaving a home tidier than they found it, have sparked a neighborhood-wide alert.

The house was cleaned for free, police told the Miami Herald, adding that not all trespassers — even in Canada! — are rogue cleaners: “RCMP would like to take this opportunity to remind home owners to ensure their doors are locked at all times.”

And while police appreciate the alert neighbor who called police, let’s be honest. Every person in that neighborhood is probably secretly keeping their doors unlocked in hopes of attracting a wayward cleaning crew.

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