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Can You Life-Hack Your Way To Love?

There’s never been a shortage of dating advice from family, friends and self-help authors. Yet in the digital age, people are turning to nerdy hacker-types as guides.

This Bot Is Ready To Answer All Of Your Embarrassing Sex Questions

Roo was developed by experts and psychologists who compiled data and interviewed teens in order to build the necessary database for the app.

Study: People With These Have More Sexual Partners And Mental Health Issues

Hot or not? Body art may be attractive, but it could also signal mental health issues and a penchant for risky behaviors.

Doing This One Thing Can Greatly Improve Your Sex Life

Improve Your Sex Life
A pair of scissors probably doesn't incite a desire for sexy times, but a new study finds that getting snipped can improve your sex life.

Study Reveals How Much Online Stalking Goes On Before First Dates

5 iPhone Easter Eggs You'll Want To Find Immediately
A recent survey of 2,000 people found that 77-percent of active daters research prospective mates on a regular basis.

OkCupid Says That People Are Prioritizing Politics Over Sex

Summer Dating
For the first time ever, users in cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles placed more value on compatible politics than great sex.

Chinese Companies Are Offering Some Of Their Single Female Employees ‘Dating Leave’

Heartbroken On Valentine's Day
Here's a curious solution to the age old problem of how to get single ladies married already. There's nothing  more depressing than having to be around spinsters, right guys?Two companies in China are giving their single "non-frontline" employees over the age of 30 an extra eight days of vacation over the Chinese New Year to to "go home and...

4 Popular Date Night Foods That Might Be Killing Your Sex Drive

If your idea of a sexy night is recreating scenes from "9 1/2 Weeks" or even "Lady and the Tramp," stop right there. We have some bad news for you.

3 Aphrodisiacs That Actually Work

Whether it's a common food we can order in a restaurant or an herb with medicinal properties that naturally drives us wild with desire, aphrodisiacs are a popular ancient cure for an ailing sex drive.

Hate Dating? Here Are 5 Tips That Can Help You See Things In A Different Light

If you hate dating, you're not alone. The important thing is to keep trying, hold on, and try to get as much from the process as you possibly can.