Friday, August 7, 2020

Hot Mess

South Carolina Town Haunted By Clowns ‘Trying To Lure Children Into The Woods’

Somewhere in the woods surrounding an apartment complex in Greenville, S.C., lurks a group of clowns who have tried to lure children to join them, according to residents of a local apartment complex. “There have been several conversations and a lot of...

Crickets, Worms and Peeing Woman Cause Absolute Chaos on New York Subway (UPDATE)

Only in New York is this possible: A subway car e-braked on the Manhattan Bridge, crickets chirping around, worms wriggling on the ground, and a woman urinating as protest. Oh, and she tried to throw up on people.Let’s rewind a...

Woman Asks Burly Firefighters to Crawl Through Her Window For Her 105th Birthday

For all of its downsides, aging has some perks. People treat you with respect, you get offered seats on the subway, movie tickets are cheaper and, if you’re Ivena Smailes, five hunky firefighters will help you celebrate your 105th...

1500 U.S. Partiers Blown Into Canada During Tipsy River Float

"There were Americans everywhere."This was the nightmare the Canadian Coast Guard's Peter Garapick faced on an otherwise pleasant Sunday afternoon, when 1,500 of these showed up on Ontario's shores: annual Port Huron Float Down, a time-honored tradition spanning 39 drunken years...

BBC Accidentally Airs Couple “Having Sex” On Rio Beach During Olympics Broadcast

This has been a great week for the Olympics. First, Lochte-gate. And now a couple doing sex-like stuff—maybe actual sex!—on a Rio beach has been accidentally broadcast around the world by the BBC. BBC reporter Dan Walker was broadcasting from...

#LochteGate: What We Know So Far About The Hottest, Messiest Olympic Scandal Ever [Updates]

Arguably the greatest scandal in Olympics history keeps getting better. ABC News is now reporting that one of the American swimmers who claimed to have been robbed at a gas station early Sunday morning in Rio  “was seen on...

Attention America: Randy Riddle Has Been Banned From Ordering Pizza

A Florida man accused of telling several local restaurants that their food is “gross” has been banned from ordering pizza by a judge. Earlier this summer, Randy Riddle, a 49-year-old resident of Sebastian, Florida, allegedly went on a three-week...

Latest News

Cannabis Cravings: A New Study Addresses Why It Happens

We now have a better understanding of why cannabis users crave the herb — and it has a lot to do with brain connectivity.

Democrats Reject Marijuana Legalization For Official Party Platform

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) rejected an amendment proposal to support legalizing cannabis at the federal level.

Weed Edibles Have Sold Really Well During The Pandemic

Experts believed that the pandemic would be a great time for cannabis edibles. Sales now show that these predictions were true.

3 Ways COVID Is Hurting CBD Sales

The report stated that in 2020, the US hemp-derived CBD market is projected to reach 14% growth from 2019 sales, down from original projections of over 30%.