Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Is Improving Marijuana Consumption

The legalization of cannabis use in many parts of the world, especially in the United States and Canada, has been a boost for the economy. This has led to the rise of of both cannabis trade and paraphernalia for consumption. Businesses, big and small, have prospered, including online vape stores and brick-and-mortar shops alike.

Joining the ranks of celebrities getting involved in the budding cannabis industry is comedian Seth Rogen. Known for being an outspoken cannabis consumer and an advocate of its benefits, Rogen announced the launch of his newest venture – the Houseplant.

The Houseplant is a collaborative venture between Rogen and his long-time buddy and fellow consumer Evan Goldberg. Rogen says the Houseplant is a reflection of their long-time use of the plant, and first-hand experiences with its various components. For both men, the goal isn’t only profit, but to educate the public about the benefits and the advantages of cannabis consumption.

Logo via Canopy Growth

Moreover, what might pique the interest of cannabis connoisseurs is that Houseplant is backed by Canopy Growth, The company based in Canada is one of the largest of its kind and operates and trades cannabis products of the highest standards. Canopy Growth recently welcomed Houseplant into their family and is set to provide Houseplant the latest in advanced cannabis production infrastructure and research data. Houseplant intends to use that cutting edge technology in growing their own strains. The quality one can expect from Houseplant products will be top notch.

Houseplant is set to release three cannabis strains including Houseplant Sativa. This release will be followed by two more products later this year: Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica. Apart from the three flagship cannabis products, Houseplant is set to sell dried botanicals, pre-rolled joints, as well as soft get capsules, and most likely a slew of cannabis-related items.

We’re excited to see a lot of new offerings from Houseplant, like wax concentrates, and what better way to consume waxes than by hitting them on dab pens. Certainly, under the supervision of a company like Canopy Growth, Houseplant will see success in the coming years. Canopy Growth has been known to strike deals with some of the biggest names in the industry like Snoop Dogg and even Martha Stewart. The possibility of future partnerships for Houseplant are abundant. For example, Dr. Dabber, a company known for manufacturing high-quality dab pens, would be an ideal partnership with Houseplant should they steer towards concentrate consumption.

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