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Drink This CBD Infused ‘Dive Bar’ Bloody Mary For The Best Brunch Ever

Bloody Marys are one of those ubiquitous beverages that we can really take for granted. When you see a good one, the calling to order your own is a rising tide, a siren call. Good Bloodys are actually hard to find; a well executed one is basically like stumbling upon a unicorn.  

No matter how you prefer them, grabbing a CBD or THC infused Mary sounds like the ultimate upgrade. After spotting cannabis industry maven Zoe Wilder’s Pickle Mary with New Highs CBD on Instagram, the fever to create our very own took hold and the spirit of Bloody Mary herself led to this version.

CBD Infused “Dive Bar” Bloody Maria

As taught to the writer by Lower East Side bartender Frankie Schnozz, 2009, New York City

20mg CBD per drink


3 oz canned tomato juice

1.5 oz tequila

1 mL Onda CBD Tincture

1 tsp horseradish

1 tsp olive juice

1 tsp pickle juice

1 shake celery salt

3 turns of a pepper mill

½ oz lime juice

½ tsp hot sauce


Lime wheel

Pimento olives


Scallion frond

Note: To craft a great Bloody Mary, you need to get the juice and seasoning balance just right. This is, of course, a matter of extreme subjectivity, so please tweak any recipe to your liking.

Photos by Danielle Guercio

My Bloodys come with a copious amount of horseradish and salty brine from pickles, so the bite is quite real. Using a terpene rich full spectrum like Onda in the mix adds some herbal deliciousness, but also helps curb any ill effects of the alcohol, provided you keep it moderate.

Building this drink is very simple, grab a tin cocktail shaker and a pint glass, and begin to make it happen. Add all of the seasonings and juices, but not the alcohol or tincture, into the pint glass, stir, and allow to settle for 2-3 minutes.

Add ice to the metal tin, pour the liquor over the top, followed by the tomato mixture, then seal and shake vigorously. Strain with a large hole strainer to allow the horseradish to flow through, into a serving glass over fresh ice. Drop 1ml of tincture into the glass and give it a final stir.

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Garnish with the kitchen sink, you can even add cheeses and snacks like some bars do. I like a few capers stuck on the top, which you can add to the drink for extra salinity without having to ask for a shaker.

To those adding CBD instead of alcohol to assuage the night before, we salute you. To the THC infusers, you’re off to a trippy start. Make sure if you’re mixing alcohol and THC you take it easy on both, as they can greatly magnify each other. And, it bears repeating, don’t operate heavy machinery while consuming these!  Always drink and partake safely, and when in doubt, order up a rideshare!

Photos: Danielle Guercio

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