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5 Ways To Enjoy Cannabis During The Summer

Inhaling hot smoke during the summer is not the most pleasant of activities. Here are 5 things you can do to get high while battling the heat.

While in the midst of a pandemic, summer has become even more special, providing some much needed escape for people who want to leave their homes and hang out in the open air without fear of cluttered spaces with poor ventilation that facilitate stress and the spread of the virus.

Smoking weed in the summer is tough, especially on those really hot days. While there are some people who don’t mind smoking when it’s 90 degrees out, a lot of people prefer to have something cool that makes them feel like they’re not melting. Still, there are a dozen ways to consume weed and making the most of the summer without inhaling hot smoke.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy cannabis during the warmer months:

Smoke near air conditioning

While it’s nice to take advantage of the season and of those really warm days, sometimes it’s okay to stay home and enjoy your AC unit. Beach days are great, but so are days spent getting high, watching a good movie or playing a board game, preparing a meal, reading a book, etc. Weed is flexible like that.

THC or CBD drinks

Americans Are Drinking Tons Of Alcohol Due To Coronavirus
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THC and CBD drinks have become increasingly popular over the years. While they still haven’t managed to find the popularity needed for them to enter the mainstream, there are dozens of options out there with different flavors, cannabinoid content and more. These are a good option for people who are interested in drinking something stimulating while also avoiding alcohol.


Whether they’re THC- or CBD-based, these can be consumed at any time with discretion and can make any activity (a hike, a beach day or an afternoon spent lounging on your patio) much more entertaining.

Smoking before an outdoor activity

5 ways to add cannabis to outdoor summer fun
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If you prefer to smoke, you can always try smoking before leaving your place, ensuring that you have a good time and a controlled high. You can smoke before running an errand, meeting up with friends or taking a walk around the neighborhood in order to clear your head.

Zoom smoke sessions

By this point, we’re all sick of Zoom. Still, Zoom meetings might be the only way of connecting with friends and family that live in different states and countries and, depending on where you live, these meetings might be the safest way of staying in touch. When it comes to smoking, even if you live in an area where there’s no COVID-19 cases, sharing saliva and joints is a bad idea. Zoom smoke sessions add something new to video chats and are also 100% safe.


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