A Shot Of Chili Vodka Landed This Guy In The Hospital

Please stop with the peppers.

Chili Vodka
Photo by andyballard via Pixabay

Bravery or stupidity? It’s hard to say which motivates the souls who attempt to eat insanely hot chili peppers for fun. But when it comes in liquid, liquor form, hot pepper infused foods can be even more dangerous. Especially chili vodka.

A man was literally knocked out by Satan’s Shot vodka, which is soaked in Carolina Reaper peppers, the hottest pepper in the world.

The vodka bottle label reads: “Satan’s Shot – Triple distilled 100% pure grain vodka infused by the Chilli Pepper Company for three weeks with the world’s hottest chili, the Carolina Reaper. Only Satan himself is brave enough to drink this vodka neat. If you feel fearless and want to drink with Satan, you will feel like you are burning in hell itself.”

Sounds like a good time!

According to IBTimes, a woman bought the bottle at a chili festival and shared it with her friends. Everyone was sickened by it, but one man was so ill that they called an ambulance after he fell unconscious.

How about we all agree that some things — like ridiculously hot peppers — aren’t meant to be eaten by humans?

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