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There’s A Reason Why Your Body Stores Fat In Certain Places

Hormones are crazy.

Why Your Body Stores Fat In Certain Places
Photo by Nicole De Khors via Burst

We all have an area in our bodies that, no matter how hard we work on it, we’ll never be able to truly change. Maybe it’s your thighs, or your butt. Sometimes it’d be great if we could just grab that extra fat and move it to a place were it looks better, like your boobs.

The reality is that, biologically, it’s really hard to change the nature of your body. If you’re a person who normally packs weight on their thighs, you’ll still be that person in the future, no matter how many squats you do that target that particular area. According to Popular Science, this is due to hormones, specifically, sex hormones. We should’ve known; it’s always about sex.

Testosterone and estrogen are the biggest forces behind fat storage, and they’re the main reason why men and women tend to have different body shapes. Biologically, females tend to hold more fat in their butts and thighs, while males store fat on their stomachs – one of the main reasons why they tend to have cardiovascular problems.

Turns out that big bellies pop up when males have low testosterone, which is why dads always have such, well, dad bodies. As they age, with their testosterone levels dropping naturally, it becomes harder and harder for them to get rid of those extra pounds in the stomach. It’s also interesting to know that high levels of testosterone and estrogen promote leanness, which is why young people have an easier time when it comes to staying fit.

The easiest way to picture these changes is to think about puberty. Kids all kind of look androgynous until they grow into teens and their hormones hit, making things go crazy. During this period females develop their hips and thighs, and males develop tons of hair and a deeper voice. It’s only a short while until hearts start breaking. Oh, hormones.

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