Drunk Russian Man Crashes Stolen Tank Into Supermarket


Drunk Russian Man Steals Tank
Photo by AlexVan via Pixabay

Russians have a reputation of doing bold, strange things, especially during the winter, and this story is the boldest, stupidest, and craziest one we’ve ever read.

According to LADbible, a man weathered the freezing Russian temperatures to steal a tank from a military training organization and to use it to crash into a supermarket. All so he could steal a bottle of wine. You know, we’re not critiquing your methods here, but there are easier ways to steal some liquor, Mr. Russian Man.

That man is still unidentified, but the incident occurred in Murmansk, a city located on the northwest of Russia, where the temperatures are extremely cold. According to authorities, the man stole the bottle, left the tank abandoned, and ran off. Sadly, he was quickly caught and couldn’t even drink his prize.

Authorities confirmed that the man was drunk before stealing the tank, making this the craziest and most regrettable thing anyone’s ever done under the influence of alcohol. This story will surely lift your spirits the next time you get drunk and do something stupid. Hey, at least you didn’t steal a Russian tank.

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