People Are Petitioning Meghan Markle To Do This One Thing For Them

Good luck with that.

People Are Petitioning Meghan Markle
Photo by Flickr user

When Meghan Markle deleted her social media accounts in preparation of her becoming a royal, you could almost hear the sobs of her fans. After all, she had nearly two million followers on Instagram and 350,000 on Twitter.

And now, according to Town & Country, a petition has been making the rounds urging Markle to GET BACK ON SOCIAL MEDIA!  I mean, it’s not like she has anything better to do.

As of press time, the petition has more than 4,500 signatures with a goal of 5,000.

The petition was started by Sabrina A., who, as Town & Country points out, also runs the website Sabrina is kind of in a hurry because in order for Markle to reactivate her social media accounts, she has to do it, like, now.

Her petition reads: “Please let Ms. Markle keep the voice that inspired so many, by reactivating her social media accounts before 9 February, 2018, which is the 30-day mark when deactivated accounts are permanently deleted.”

But according to Popular Science, Twitter has a year-long timeline for holding onto Tweets for verified accounts, like Markle’s. For Instagram and Facebook, it might already be too late if Markle permanently deleted those accounts versus disabling them. However, it can take Facebook as long as 90 days to permanently wipe your data. After that, there’s no going back.

If you’re one of those royal watchers who is eager to keep up with the Princess-to-be, you can follow her through the official Instagram account of Kensington Palace. Town & Country says it’s likely Prince Harry and Markle will want their own social media account to promote the charity work, so that’s something to look forward to.

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