Tommy Chong Thinks The XFL Will Allow Players To Use Marijuana

For those who might have forgot, the XFL was a short-lived professional football league full of goofy gimmicks like scandalous cheerleaders and “rules-light” play.

From The WTF Files: Barney The Dinosaur Is Now A Tantric Sex Healer

Passions and interests change: If you don't believe this then look no further than David Joyner, who is the retired actor was known for portraying Barney The Dinosaur.

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Congress To Trump: Keep Your Promise And Keep Your Hands Off Our Marijuana!

A bipartisan coalition of 54 members of Congress issued a clear message to President Trump late Wednesday: Keep your campaign promise and keep your hands off our legal marijuana.

Here’s An Epic Timeline Of Prince Harry And Meghan’s Whirlwind Romance

It seems like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been together forever. Their storybook romance continues to leave us swooning and some of us are even starting to believe in fairy tales.

Roger Stone On Jeff Sessions: ‘He’s F*%$ing It Up! He’s Got To Go’

Roger Stone, a longtime Republican political dirty trickster who has worked with presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, clearly is not a fan of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

‘The Doctors’ Ask: Why Are So Many Seniors Using Marijuana?

Tuesday's episode of the daytime talk show "The Doctors" examined the skyrocketing use of senior citizens turning to cannabis for medicinal purposes.

This 1936 Cat Video Broke The Internet

This video shot in 1936 features a sleek firefighting cat that manage to slide down hoses while fighting fires. It's something you need to see now.

Angela Rye: Legalizing Marijuana Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Recently, Angela Rye has established herself as a sharp political commentator in the liberal world,

Are Marijuana Edibles Better For Your Brain Than Smoking?

As more cannabis-infused foods enter the legal marijuana market, consumers have made the switch from smoking the herb to eating it.