Gossip: NeNe Leakes Dropped From Tour Over Rape Comments; Jennifer Garner Annoyed With Ben Affleck Over Kids

NeNe Leakes dropped from tour over rape comments; Jennifer Garner annoyed with Ben Affleck over kids.

Gossip: Heather Graham Says Harvey Weinstein Implied Sex For Scripts; Jay-Z In Talks About Buying Weinstein’s Interest In TWC

Heather Graham says Harvey Weinstein implied sex for scripts; Jay-Z in talks about buying Weinstein’s interest in TWC.

Gossip: Ellen Refuses To Have Ex On Show; Kylie Jenner Worried Baby Will Look Like Her Old Face

Ellen refuses to have her ex on her show; Kylie Jenner worried baby will look like her old face.

Gossip: Pregnant Kylie Jenner’s Staff Waits On Her Hand And Foot; Just Engaged Mandy Moore May Be Adopting Baby

Pregnant Kylie Jenner’s staff waits on her hand and foot; Just engaged Mandy Moore may be adopting baby.

Gossip: New ‘Sex And The City’ Film Without Kim Cattrall; Blac Chyna Tell-All Book?

New Sex and City film without Kim Cattrall; Blac China tell-all book?

Gossip: Angelina Jolie Wants Brad Pitt Back; Which Actress Gave Harvey Weinstein Oral Sex To Get Part?

Angelina Jolie wants Brad Pitt back; Which actress gave Harvey Weinstein oral sex to get part?

Gossip: Aaron Carter Hates His Weight Gain After Two Weeks In Rehab; Beyonce Sick Of Rumors That Blue Ivy Is Not Her Biological Daughter

Aaron Carter hates his weight gain after two weeks in rehab; Beyonce sick of rumors that Blue Ivy is not her biological daughter.

Details On The Surprising Kinky Story Of Wonder Woman’s Creator

Dr. William Moulton Marston's most famous creations are the blood pressure components in the modern lie detector (polygraph), and Wonder Woman.

Gossip: Blac Chyna Ready To Destroy Rob Kardashian And Family; Nelly Accuser Says He Forced Sex Without Condom

Blac Chyna ready to destroy Rob Kardashian and family; Nelly accuser says he forced sex without condom.

Gossip: Ben Affleck In A Bad Place; Ashton Kutcher On Gun Control

Ben Affleck in a bad place; Ashton Kutcher on gun control.