Gossip: NeNe Leakes Dropped From Tour Over Rape Comments; Jennifer Garner Annoyed With Ben Affleck Over Kids

NeNe Leakes dropped from tour over rape comments; Jennifer Garner annoyed with Ben Affleck over kids.

‘Walking Dead’ Star Speaks On Medicinal Benefits Of Marijuana

Since Cooper Andrews introduction as Jerry it seemed inevitable the lighthearted zombie hunter would win over the audience.

Carrie Fisher’s Dog Watching The New Star Wars Trailer Is Devastating

Not only was it the long-anticipated sequel to The Force Awakens, but the final featured role for beloved American actress Carrie Fisher.

Why You Should See Robert Galinsky’s New Play ‘The Bench,’ A Homeless Love Story

'The Bench,' set in urban decay and rubble, explores the emotional heartbreak of five homeless characters and the hysteria surrounding AIDS in the 1980s.

Investigation: Is Jason Voorhees A Marijuana Farmer In ‘Friday The 13th’?

Outside of super-slashy Jason Voorhees, the second most-prominent presence in the Friday the 13th films would be marijuana.

Gossip: Heather Graham Says Harvey Weinstein Implied Sex For Scripts; Jay-Z In Talks About Buying Weinstein’s Interest In TWC

Heather Graham says Harvey Weinstein implied sex for scripts; Jay-Z in talks about buying Weinstein’s interest in TWC.

Gossip: Ellen Refuses To Have Ex On Show; Kylie Jenner Worried Baby Will Look Like Her Old Face

Ellen refuses to have her ex on her show; Kylie Jenner worried baby will look like her old face.

6 Times Eminem Called Out America’s Leaders In The Best Way Possible

Eminem is at his best when there are enemies to assail. Those enemies can come from anywhere and often his enemies are ours as well.

You Can Eat Nicolas Cage Now: Say Hello To Nicolastick

For all the millions of people yearning to taste the nomadic eyebrows of Nicolas Cage, food vendors in Japan will now give you that chance.

Gossip: Pregnant Kylie Jenner’s Staff Waits On Her Hand And Foot; Just Engaged Mandy Moore May Be Adopting Baby

Pregnant Kylie Jenner’s staff waits on her hand and foot; Just engaged Mandy Moore may be adopting baby.