Snapshot: Everything You Need To Know About Today’s Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry continues to be one of the most dynamic, fastest-growing sectors in the US economy.

Conservative DC Paper: Marijuana Legalization Is Working So Support It

When Vermont’s legislation voted to legalize recreational marijuana this month, it signaled a rebuke from state politicians.

Marijuana Edibles: The Next Major Food Trend Of 2018?

You might be seeing marijuana edibles at big-time gourmet food shows in the not so distant future.

NJ Symposium Readies Attendees For Legal New Jersey Cannabis

New Jersey residents are ready, willing and waiting for Governor Phil Murphy to legalize recreational marijuana.

Jeff Sessions Using Psychological Warfare To Scare Banks Away From Marijuana

Some might say that Jeff Sessions doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to trying to enforce federal marijuana laws.

The Largest Canadian Cannabis Merger Ever Just Happened

Dramatic or not, the cannabis merger was a timely move, as Canada is planning to broadly legalize cannabis by July of this year.

Singapore To Research Medical Marijuana Despite Harsh Drug Laws

Even the smallest possession of a controlled substance in Singapore can lead to severe punishments, up to and including execution.

Work With Weed: 5 Hottest Jobs In The Marijuana Industry

The cannabis market is also becoming more socially acceptable, and as such, many young people are opting for a career in the marijuana industry.

Meet The First Major Bank To Service The Canadian Marijuana Industry

Marking a dramatic shift in previous policy, this bank will enter the cannabis space through a financial agreement with licensed Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth.