Legal Marijuana Is Convincing Millennials To Buy Stocks Again

Last week TD Ameritrade CEO Tim Hockey told Business Insider that new investors under 35 rose 72 percent year-over-year.

Canine Arthritis Is A Real Problem And Cannabis Could Be A Solution

The active compounds in cannabis are showing promise in the lab when it comes to treating the pain associated with certain types of canine arthritis.

A Primer On The Science Of Cannabis Terpenes And Cannabinoids

Among the Cannabis Woman's Alliance’s recent educational offerings included a panel of leading voices in the cannabis industry to discuss the science of terpenes.

How The Cannabis Industry Searches For And Hires Employees

As the cannabis industry continues to gain acceptance around the country—as seen with the regular passage of new recreational and medical legislation—the marijuana business is growing at an exponential rate.

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program Is On Fire: 71,000 Patients Strong

In June of last year, Florida had just under 17,000 medical cannabis patients. Now, as of last Friday, they’ve surpassed 71,000 with more growth projected.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: Week Of January 29

Marijuana legalization reform continues to pick up steam nationally. Read all about these developments in The Fresh Toast’s Marijuana Legislative Roundup for Jan. 29.

San Francisco Dispensary Offers ‘Bring Your CEO To Buy Weed’ Discount

One high-profile dispensary in Silicon Valley decided to hold “Bring Your CEO to the Dispensary” Week this month.

Many Vegetable Growers Want To Transition to Marijuana

There is speculation that this transition could eventually provide some exciting new opportunities for investors in the cannabis trade.

7 Romantic & Easy Date Ideas For The Cannabis Aficionado

My boyfriend and I love to get high sometimes — we live in California, so it's even legal now! — but we also don't want to just watch TV every time we get high together. Do you have any ideas for romantic date ideas?

California Recreational Pot Shortage Sends Prices Soaring

Growers just can’t keep up with the rate of new dispensaries opening weekly and their demand.