District Attorney Calls Marijuana ‘A Gateway To Homicide’

The stupid is strong in this one.

Marijuana A Gateway To Homicide
Photo by moritz320 via Pixabay

Today in the wild stereotypes that are spread about marijuana: Is marijuana a gateway to homicide? At least, that’s what 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May said, according to KKTV:

“Marijuana is the gateway drug to homicide in our community and across our state, and people need to start recognizing that.”

The Southern Colorado Cannabis Council shut that nonsense down quickly, in a response to May’s comments:

“Today, District Attorney Dan May made some very concerning comments linking cannabis use to murder. He stated that, “Marijuana is the gateway drug to homicide, in our community and across the state and people need to start recognizing that.” This statement is utterly false. Study after study has shown that there is no correlation between cannabis use and violent crime. We would ask the District Attorney to retract his statement or provide proof of correlation between the two. This is an extremely dangerous statement. It is dangerous to Colorado’s fastest growing industry and it is dangerous to anyone associated with cannabis Colorado.”

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